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Famous Hospitals

Cedars-Sinai- A new healthcare destination for Los Angeles where research meets treatment.  Sydney, Australia
Bellevue- The oldest public hospital in the US.  Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins- This hospital’s medical school was the first major US medical school to admit women. Memphis, TN
St. Bartholomew's- Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson first met here. Rochester, MN
Mayo Clinic- The discovery of cortisone here lead to a Nobel Prize fin Physiology and Medicine. New York, NY
Groote Schuur Hospital- The first human heart transplant took place here in 1967. Los Angeles, CA
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital- Founded in 1962 by Danny Thomas Québec City, Canada
Bumrungrad International Hospital- This is the world’s number one “medical tourism” hospital, in 2005 alone it treated 400,000 international patients.  Bangkok, Thailand
Prince of Wales Hospital- This hospital’s pioneering eye surgeon and social justice advocate Dr. Fred Hollows changed the way Aboriginal people received medical care.  Lambaréné, Gabon
Albert Schweitzer Hospital- The grounds of this historic medical facility include “Village Lumière Zone”- a former leper colony. Cape Town, South Africa
Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière - This building originally housed a gunpowder factory.  Paris, France
Hotel-Dieu de ___________ (City name)- This teaching and research hospital was established in 1637 by a niece of Cardinal Richelieu. London, UK

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