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Match each to its definition

sick guest spray or soak a soiled or stained linen
all-purpose cleaner cleaning caddy
extracting will not dry linens completly
mattress pad used to transport linens and cleaning supplies
inventory work from the top down
guestroom attendant unusual guest room situation
amenities sheets, towels, pillowcases
knock three times finishes and folds bed sheets
superior performance safety equipment
stocking replacing used items
dust separate linens by fabric, color or size
googles and gloves correct way to enter the guestroom
linens to take count
pretreating clean guest rooms
sort soap, shampoo, hairdryer, coffee
flatwork iron  comes in at the sorting stage
overloded dyer making the bed
cart spin cycle
uniforms, specialty items and napkins iron by hand
laundry attendant adds to the comfort of the guests

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