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Latin 1 Chapter 5


This a last minute study tool!

Vult there
Petit into the woods
In Silva  (he/she) drives off
Ignavus (a/the)day
Arripit Neither...nor
Respondet rash,reckless
E Silva Immediately
Repellit Cowardly/Lazy
Neque...Neque  The facts of a crime
Dies Whom...?
Salvae Out Of The Woods
Ibi Shout,Shouting
Temeraius (they) reach,arrive (at)
adveniunt (a/the) stream
Lupus (a/the) wolf
Rivus Near
Excipiunt (he/she) Fears, Is afraid
Calidus Safe
Perterritus (they) welcome
Adhuc Cool, Cold
Frigidus (they) wander
Statim Warm
Timet Frightened, Terrified
Ubi Still
Errant (he/she) grabs hold of,snatches
Quem...? (he/she) looks for, seeks
Clamor (he/she) wishes/wants
Corpus Delicti Him (direct object form)
Prope (he/she) Replies
Eos with a grain of salt
Cum grano salis Them (direct object)
Eum when, Where

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