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Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Susan Schmitt

Level 7th Newton's Three Laws with supporting vocab. words such as balanced and unbalanced forces. Includes Kinetic and Potential Energy.

A. First Law also called movement of an object.
B. The first law states the father and faster it will travel.
C. Friction occurs keep moving forever, if no interference happens.
D. Inertia is a word that means An object at rest tends to stay at rest, an objest in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside, unbalanced force
E. Balanced forces will  is an example of kinetic energy.
F. Unbalanced forces will is the ability to do work. (Is an object in motion.)
G. Balanced forces will cancel each other out causing stored energy. (Is an object at rest.)
H. Speed of an object is  equilibrium where there is no motion or change
I. Velocity can also be measured and is the an example of potential energy.
J. Acceleration means to   cause a change in position or motion.
K. Newton's Second law of Motion is   the" law of inertia"
L. The greater the force is for every action, there is a reaction that is equal in magnitude and in the opposite direction,
M. The greater the mass the speed an direction of an object's motion.
N. Newton's Third Law of Motion   speed up.
O. Simply put The Third law causes an actionof force to have a reaction.
P. Kinetic Energy the acceleration of an object depends on the force against the amount of mass.
Q. Potential Energy is when two objects rub against each other.
R. A ball on a table is   how fast it travels an can be measured.
S. A ball rolling down a hill   an object will keep doing what it is doing unless something outside interfers
T. Motion is  less it will accelerate. (i.e. a kicked bowling ball vs a tennis ball.)

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