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Great Gatsby Vocab Synonyms

Mr. Ryckman

Match the vocabulary word with its common synonym!

Supercilious Dull
Wan Weighted down
Anon Weak
Vehement Vague
Impetuous Pale
Corpulent Bulky
Din Hostility
Sporadic Revel
Valor Impulsive
Rout Condescending
Exult Ruckus
Hulking Irregular
Nebulous Soon
Laudable Bravery
Ingratiate Retreat
Dilatory Jolly
Elusive Unhappy
Rancor Passionate
Garrulous Grovel
Forlorn Unclear
Laden Portly
Superfluous Slow
Jaunty Extra
Anemic Chatty
Lusterless Worthy

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