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Human Geography

culture large scale production of goods by hand or by machine
immigrant A nation with very few industries and only simple technology
migragtion the King and Queen are often a symbol
state High paying jobs or better living conditions causes people to move to a new place
urbanization A system where the central government owns farms and factories
constitution Moves from one country to another
direct democracy The Japanese changing the game of baseball to fit their culture
constitutional monarchy A nation with technology and many cars
representative democracy useful materials found in the environment
absolute monarchy Way of life, including beliefs, customs, and practices
tribal rule technology for building structures that changes the landscape
dictatorship People’s movement from one area to another
developed different living things in a region
developing waste that is usually man-made that makes air, water, and the lands less clean
communism services that deliver and maintain manufactured goods
capitalism wind, sun, water, trees
acculturation natural resources that must be worked before they are useful
urban manufacturing materials into something useful
pull theory working directly with raw materials or growing food
push theory The United States is an example of one
renewable resource Constant flooding in an area causes people to move to a differnt place
non-renewable resource The chief or elders make the decisions
raw materials A set of laws that defines and often limits a government’s power
natural resources The United States economic system
manufacturing growth of machine-powered production in an economy
industrialization loss of a forest in a region
deforestation someone who consumes good or uses services
biodiversity The King or Queen makes all of the decisions
civil engineering all adults take part in decisions
pollution someone who creates things or provides jobs
First Level Activity When a person has almost total power
Second Level Activity An area with high population density and factories
Third Level Activity fossil fuels
producer The movement of people to cities and the growth of cities
consumer A region that shares a government

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