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Research Methods

Ryan Austin

Chapter 5

Classical Experiment  Whether a relationship observed in a specific population, at a specific time, and in a specific place would also be observed in other populations, at other times, and in other places
Independent Variable The variable assumed to depend on or be caused by another variable
Dependent Variable A group of subjects to whom no experimental stimulus is administered
Control Group  A research design that includes most, but not all, elements of an experimental design
Experimental Group  Presumed to cause or determine a dependent variable
Randomization That quality of a research finding that justifies the inference that it represents something more than the specific observations on which it was based
Generalizability A group of subjects who are exposed to an experimental stimulus
Construct Validity  A technique for randomly assigning experimental subjects to experimental groups and control groups
External Validity  The degree to which a measure relates to other variables as expected within a system of theoretical relationships
Quasi-Experiment A research design well suited to inferring cause

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