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Malala Yousafzai


Draw lines to match the beginning of the sentence to the end.

Malala lived in  was proud to have a daughter.
When she was born her father started a school for boys and girls.
Her father Ziauddin  the Swat valley in Pakistan.
The Taliban did not want girls the Children's Peace Prize.
Poor children in Pakistan   family went to stay with relatives.
In 2005 a large earthquake in the region when she was going home from school.
Malala began writing a blog  to attend school.
When people had to flee the country Malala's Malala spoke to the United Nations.
Malala was nominated for scavenged from the rubbish heap.
Two men attacked her  in the Urdu language.
After being treated in the local hospital killed more than 73,000 people.
On her sixteenth birthday Malala was sent to a hospital in England.

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