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Energy Transformations

Susan Schmitt

Grade 7th. -Energy word match-Energy forms: Thermal, chemical,radient, electrical. Potential and Kinectic.

Energy forms his body warms by chemical energy
Kinetic Energy friction, tires rub on pavement.
Potential energy chemical, radiant, electrical.
Termal energy produced as energy is never created or destroyed.
Bike tires warm by  spinning fan blades close togeather,that spins a generator.
The law of energy means a muscle at rest.
Energy changes form changes kinetic energy into electric energy at a power plant.
Something burns potential to kinetic.
Electric energy changes to thermal when kinetic energy.
Thermal energy heats chemical energy changes to thermal energy.
Steam engines make buildings and keep you warm.
Thermal energy transforms into wires get hot.
Thermal energy moves from high temp things radiant energy such as a red hot metal bar.
Turbine machines run by steam -powered to low temp things.
A generator is a device that muscles pedling a bike.

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