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Vocab Review Pearson Units 5 to 8

Donna Lawson

Vocab Review Pearson Units 5 to 8

1dedicated _____when you are allowed or able to get to something, you have this
2navigable _____group of people born in the same decade
3scarcity _____a website which is easy to find your way around
4conservation _____making something dirty such as the air or water
5waste _____to cut down on (lessen) the amout of something
6desalination _____specially built or used for only one purpose
7reduce _____a very small amount of something, which is not enough
8resource _____describes a reality in the computer world that doesn't exist in the real world
9dove _____a member of the pigeon family of birds
10discover _____using something without being careful
11facilitate  _____to use resources such as water and petrol
12generation  _____to find something for the first time
13result  _____to make it easier for someone to do something
14powerful  _____a process that makes salty water drinkable
15access _____natural things we use like water, oil, wind, etc.
16contamination _____preventing something from being lost or wasted
17consumption _____describes a computer that can process a lot of information all at once
18virtual _____the outcome of an effort, i.e., vocabulary quiz grades

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