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Vocabulary - Idioms

Heretics - This American Life Merriam Webster Dictionary

accost  It's a __________ to waste food when there is so much hunger.
admit  The film was __________ as the worst ever.
assault  Her arrogant, abusive behavior really __________ me __________.
bone up  He was caught __________ funds from his clients.
brush off  In domestic abuse family members __________ each other.
cast out  So I made a mistake when I was young. Are you going to __________ that __________ my __________ all my life?
catch off guard  He strongly __________ the girl for playing with matches.
come to a head  He refuses to do anything that might __________ his reputation.
butt heads  Gang members __________ him in the dark alley.
piss off  In arguments, they __________ __________ over the issue a number of times.
tick off  The priest __________ their marriage.
embezzle  He found a way to __________ the law with the tax loophole.
denounce  We are __________ __________ the days until vacation.
pull myself up by my own bootstraps  He uses his position to __________ for the causes that he supports.
hold over someone's head  Even after leaving his job, he tried to stay on friendly terms with his former boss because he didn't want to __________ his bridges.
compromise  The professor suggests the student __________ __________ a bit before the next exam.
circumvent  Working on the weekend __________ on my family life.
infringe  She __________ the fire with a blanket.
sin  The doctor __________ the nurse __________ __________ and surprised her.
convict  At the end of the bad week, everything __________ to a __________ and Sam was fired.
proselytize  Given a chance, I can __________ myself __________ by my own bootstraps.
burn  They try to __________ __________ the spirits from the haunted house.
worship  I asked him for help, but he just __________ me __________.
sanctify  The judge decided to __________ the evidence.
smother  He __________ the ground she walks on.
rebuke  Have you ever been __________ of a crime?

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