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Rabble to keep in custody/ to deduct from income
Impugn a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man
Tortuous to subvert or weaken insidiously or secretly
Alms being without check or limitation/ hard to control/ merciless
Satiate a bar extending from one post or support to another and serving as a guard or barrier/ to scold/ type of bird
Profuse pouring forth liberally/ exhibiting great abundance
Demagogue deviating from an established or usual pattern or style
Undermine marked by repeated twists, bends, or turns
Wanton agreeably stimulating to the palate: especially spicy
Invective to increase in number : multiply
Sabotage to assail by words or arguments: oppose or attack as false or lacking integrity
Incandescent a beggar/ given to begging
Vagary a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
Rail a reason for doubt/ shady branches
Scant filled with satiety (the quality or state of being fed beyond capacity: fullness)
Umbrage obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
Recalcitrant of, relating to, or characaterized by insult or abuse
Curtail having a small or insufficient supply
Glut to make less by or as if by cutting off or away some part
Proliferate charity, something (money or food) given freely to relieve the poor
Eccentric an act or process tending to hamper or hurt
Curmudgeon an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestation, action, or notion
Withhold white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat
Piquant to fill especially with food to satiety
Medicant a disorganized or confuse collection of things

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