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Mutual Funds

learn your vocab!

Index Funds Mutual funds that purchase stock in only large corporations.
Balanced Funds Mutual funds that purchase stocks in the same proportion as a major stock index. Examples of Index Funds are Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Total Stock Index
Large Cap Funds mutual funds that purchase bonds issued by state or local governments
Mid Cap and Small Cap Funds Mutual Funds that purchase stock in only medium or small corporations. These funds generally pay low or no dividends and have values that often change significantly.
Aggressive funds Mutual funds that buy a wide variety of stocks that have varying levels of risk and potential return. These funds attempt to balance risk with return through diversification.
Sector Funds Mutual funds that specifically seek out new or growing firms that involve substantial risks. These funds tend to have high fees because they require many professionals to manage them.
International Funds mutual funds that invest in various parts of global economy
Bond Funds mutual funds that invest in specific types of businesses
Tax- Free Funds sells shares that cannot be redeemed by the dund but cannot be sold to other investors
Exchange Traded Funds Mutual Funds that purchase either government or corporate bonds

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