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Physics Quiz Review


Vibration-   the distance of a wave
molecular structure, density, temperature  the time it takes a for a vibrating particle to complete 1 cycle
period-  A vibration is the cyclical motion of an object through the equilibrium. Mechanical waves are the transfer of energy through a material. Vibrations create waves.
Wave speed-  highest point on wave
What is the difference between vibration and mechanical waves? How are they related?  molecular structure, density, temperature Affects how a medium transmits vibrations
Transverse-  What kind of wave does sound travel as?
Longitudinal-  particles move perpendicular to the direction of the wave
Crest-  - the cyclical motion of an object through an equilibrium point
trough-  What is affected by the temperature in a gas medium?
Amplitude-  distance from either crest or trough
Wave length-   factors that affect the medium
In phase-   particles move same direction
Temperature, tension, density-  waves same position moving same direction
Longitudinal-  Sound intensity is due to?
Amplitude of the wave-  lowest point on wave

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