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Theory - Feminism

Lisa James

Match the terms to identify the differences bewteen Feminist theories for AS SCLY 1

woman centred in theory and research women are the slaves of the wage slaves
Patriarchy Elizabeth Bott
Liberal feminism mainstream feminism concerns itself with the experiences of white women
Marxist feminism capitalism and patriarchy oppersses women
Selma James women centred Marxism
conjugal roles paid labour and housework
March of progress theories male domination
different but equal who does what in the home
Andrea Dworkin all men are potential rapists
Black Feminism Feminism
Susan Brownmiller women's position in society is improving
domestic division of labour paid labour, housework and emotion work
the triple shift women centred Functionalism
dual burden equality through the law
equal opportunities sociology dominated by men
socialist feminism pornography creates domestic violence
Malestream sociology key phrase for liberal feminism

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