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capital resources an investment made by business
entrepreneurship a business person who buys from producers and sells to retailers
macroeconomics the ability of consumers to decide what g & s are produced
trade-off the total value of the goods and services produced by a nation's economy in a year.
competitor the economic ends that a nation strives for.
free enterprise a large agricultural organization that contains many villages, owns land, buildings, animals and equipment.
capitalism the desire of businesses to earn the largest profit possible from selling g&s
means of production growth
proletariat another word for capitalism.
class struggle a society in which the means of production are privately owned.
five-year plan the objects used to make goods and services
exploit the different aspects that unable goods and services to be produced.
Gosplan the selling of a gov. operated business to private individuals
quota targets
commune to take advantage of someone
privatize just competition
profit motive people of the working class
competition struggle of class
consumer sovereignty an economic system that combines government ownership and private ownership.
rule of law studies of national economics
retailer  two or more individuals or businesses trying to grow and prosper in the same firm.
whole saler the concept that no individual is above the law and that contracts are enforceable by law
mixed market economy the quality of life that a nation or community or society is accustomed to.
gross domestic products GDP process of brining three things together
business investment the state planning commission of the former soviet union
standard of living the seller of the final product to the consumer.
economic goals what how and by whom something should be produced over a 5 year period in the soviet union.
growth a choice between to things, by trading off a certain service/good and another.

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