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Cases Word Match

Maksym Bezruchko

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1. Amendment 1 Right to an attorney
2. Amendment 2 Student wore hand bands to support Vietnamese soldiers principal gets outraged. Students sue and S.C. sides with students. Freedom of Speech.
3. Amendment 3 A jury found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and sentenced him to death. On appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the death sentence, S.C says its okay.
4. Amendment 4 You cannot be forced to shelter soldiers
5. Amendment 5 Says that your bail cannot be extremely high
6. Amendment 6 Any powers not given to the government are the people's
7. Amendment 7 Ferman shoots someone "accidentally" Georgia pushes for death penalty. S.C. sides with Furman. 8th Amendment
8. Amendment 8 Right to a jury trial
9. Amendment 9 14 year old smokes in bathroom, Vice Principle searches her purse without permission, and finds Marijuana,
10. Amendment 10 Madison tells 58 people they will be judges. All are except 4, one of them sues. S.C. sides with the judge.
11. Brown vs. Board of Education Girl wants to go to school closer but can't because of her skin color.S.C. sides with girl.
12. Marbory vs. Madison Says that you cannot be put on trial unless you have been an indicament
13. Heart of Atlanta vs. U.S. Government establishes national bank and major part of population withdraws money and puts into national bank. Maryland tries to tax. S.C. says no thats not allowed
14. Karamatsu vs. U.S. Motel owner only let whites into his hotel. S.C. says that he has no right to regulate trade, only government can.
15. Tinker vs. Des Moines Japanese Americans, was put in interment camps and sues U.S. saying that it was violation amendment 1, S.C. says its time of war.
16. Placy vs. Ferguson Right to own a gun
17. New Jersey vs. ILO Says that people have other rights that are not on the constitution
18. Maryland vs. Ocult Placy arrested for sitting in whites only train cart. S.C. says separate but equal
19. Furman vs. Georgia Cannot have your house be searched without a search warrant
20. Gregg vs. Georgia Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, and Petition

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