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Anthropology Test 3 12345

Morrison Morrison

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Openness sphere of human activity that involves the acquisition of things
Displacement expectation that something given should be repaid
Arbitrariness the result of the process of Socialization/enculturation for an individual
Duality of patterning play with some aesthetic representation
Semanticity a stretch of speech longer than a sentence united by a common theme
Prevarication there is no universal and necessary link between certain sounds and their meanings
Linguistic competence study of language use that relies on ethnography to illuminate the ways is related to social interaction
Communicative competence association of linguistic signals with aspects of the social, cultural, and physical world of a speech community
Linguistic relativity principle - the patterning of human interdependence in a given society
Strong Linguistic determinism the processes by which people organize and experience information that is primarily of sensory origin
Pragmatics organized set of rituals and myths that provide a way of thinking about human relationship to this world and gives moral rules to follow
Discourse encompassing pictures of reality created by the members of societies
Ethnopragmatics stories that recount how various aspects of the world came to be as they are
Pidgin patterned, repetitive experiences. Example: Christmas, occurs every year
Creole mastery of adult grammar
Language ideology change grammar to change patterns of thought and culture. Example: replacing he and she with a 3rd pronoun te would make English speakers treat men and women as equals.
Perception language can be used to lie, as well as construct grammatically correct sentences that yield nonsense. Make statements or ask questions that violate convention
Schemas a pidgin becomes one when passed on to a new generation
Cognition relative integration of an individual’s perceptions, motives, cognitions, and behavior
Socialization/enculturation a language with no native speakers. Develops in a single generation between members of groups that possess distinct native languages
Worldviews boundary that marks behaviors as play or as ordinary life
Self the study of language in the context of its use
Personality human ability to talk about absent or nonexistent objects and past or future events as easily as we discuss our immediate situations
Subjectivity 2 different levels to human language. Sound and meaning. Sounds are phonemes, meanings are morphemes
Framing ancestress and her brother emerged from depths of earth. Also rank justified by dog and pig myth
Reflexivity human language is productive, ability to understand the same thing from different points of view. Speakers of a language can create new messages but also understand new messages,
Play mastery of adult rules for appropriate speech
Art a marker of struggles between social groups with different interests, revealed in what people say and how they say it
Myths determine how power is distributed in a society
Trobriand islanders myth gift giving by native americans
Ritual a ritual that serves to mark the transformation of an individual from one social position to another
Rites of passage the mental process by which humans gain knowledge/ a tangle of connections between the mind and world
Religion interior experience that includes positions in a field of relational power
Azande people of Africa Afr. Am. Girls and their dolls, making the hairstyles look like their own
Social organization thinking about how one thinks, reflection on experience
Economic anthro process by which ind. Develop the skills they need to interact and think/feel in an appropriate manner within their culture
Politics poison oracle, double checked to see who was a witch
Reciprocity language has the ability to shape the way we see the world
Potlatch repetitive social practice, usually with its own schema

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