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rock a natural, solid substance found in rocks
sedimentary rock rocks formed by the crystallization of lava
igneous rock a solid material made up of molecules that are arranged in repeating patterns.
metamorphic rock an amount of rock or soil that has been laid down in an area
magma the property of a mineral that describes its tendency to break along flat surfaces
lava the capability of a porous rock or sediment to permit the flow of fluids through its pore space
mineral the color of a mineral in powdered form
crystal  the process by which natural forces break down rocks
hardness a measure of how difficult it is to scratch a mineral
luster the layer of the earth that contains rock particles water and air
streak a type of rock formed by gravity pressing fragments of other rocks.
cleavage the process in which sediment is picked up and moved from one place to another
deposit melted rock on earths surface
weathering rocks formed by the crystallization of magma
erosion melted rock beneath earths surface
intrusive igneous rock rocks that have repetitive layering
extrusive igneous rock one of the major types of rock that is created from previously existing rock by the action of intense heat and pressure.
foliated rock layer of soil that is parallel to the land surface
non foliated rock rocks that dont have repetitive layering
soil horizon the property of a mineral that describes the way in which light reflects from its surface.
soil a naturally formed solid that is usually made up of one or more types of minerals.
permeability a type of rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens.

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