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A & P


A & P

Astrocytes create myelin in PNS
Epindymeial produce CSF
oligodendrocytes many dendrites, no axon; vision
Schwann Cells send info, undergo action potentials
Microglia create myelin in CNS
Local Potential regulate composition of brain fluid
Saltatory Conduction many dendrites, one axon
Afferent produce traveling electrical signals
Efferent has parasympathetic and sympathetic
Autonomic NS ability to respond to changes in the body and external stimuli
excitable neuron sensory from skin & organs to spinal cord
conducive neuron Disturbance in brain that doesn't reach threshold
secretive neuron receive info, undergo graded potentials
dendrites one dendrite, one axon
axons Action potentials jump from node to node
multipolar neuron has somatic motor and autonomic
unipolar neuron produce macrophages
bipolar neuron has somatic sensory, visceral and special
anaxonic neuron when electrical signal reaches end of nerve fiber, a chemical transmitter is secreted

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