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A & P


A & P again

electrical potential propogation of AP down the axon
resting membrane potential Neurotransmitters
electrochemical driving force  brains main inhibitory transmitter
How do nervous systems communicate of long distances? further from threshold
How to membranes undergo AP's? eyes, inner ears, and stretch receptors all channel to area of brain concerned with balance
Absolute Refractory Period One motor neuron controls thousands of muscle fibers
Relative Refractory Period stimuli came from one place
At electrical synapses, plasma membrane of pre-synaptic and postsynaptic cells are joined by:  different neurons have different thresholds
At chemical synapses, the communicators between the pre-synaptic and postsynaptic cell is through the use of: with voltage gated ion channels
Excitatory synapse is: stimuli came from all different places
Inhibitory synapse is: Gap Junctions
Spacial Summation sum of the chemical and electrical forces on the ion
Temporal Summation brains main excitatory neurotransmitter
labeled line code Ability to hold something in your thoughts for just a few seconds; reverberating circuits
Qualitative info depends on short-term memory
Quantitative info depends on withdrawal reflex: brief pain produces long-lasting output
Diverging Circuit exists because ions are unequally distributed between the inside and outside of cell
Converging Circuit as long as K+ gates are open, only especially strong stimulus will trigger a new AP
Reverberating Circuit closer to threshold
Parallel After Discharge Circuit which neurons fire
Immediate memory brain knows what type of sensory information travels on each fiber (taste vs. hearing)
Short-term memory as long as Na+ gates are open, no stimulus will trigger an AP
Glutamate different concentrations of charged particles across the cell membrane
GABA  lasts a few seconds to several hours; reverberating circuits; facilitation causes it to last longer

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