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A & P 3


A & P again

Conduction bundles of nerve fibers passing information up and down spinal cord
Locomotion Responding to sound through actions
Reflexes cardiac, vasomotor, respiratory, & reflex centers
Grey matter contains coordination
White Matter Contains higher brain functions (memory, language)
Peripheral nerves myelinated axons
Muscle Spindles carry signals between the CNS and the receptors/effectors in all parts of the body
Crossed Extension Reflex Visual tracking
Midbrain & Hindbrain Control: Involuntary responses to stimuli (remove hand from hot stove)
Forebrain Controls: anchors cerebrum to brainstem
Cerebrum Brain initiates movement and controls speed, direction, etc. (walking)
Thalamus When hurt on one side, the body knows to stabilize opposite side
Hypothalamus cell body and dendrites
Epithalamus deals with emotion and memory; gateway to cerebrum
cerebral peduncle Monitor length of muscle and how fast muscles change in length
cerebral aqueduct carries CSF
Superior Colliculus homeostatic regulation
Inferior colliculos Pineal glad; puberity
Cerebellum higher brain function, receives/integrates sensory info, vision, smell, hearing
Pons relays info from cerebrum to cerebellum
Medulla Oblongata  Basic life functions

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