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Anne Boleyn Leader of the Mughal dynasty
Pope Boniface VII Father of empiricism
Bossuet Helped with the Bakufo to hold their stinger vassals in check
Giovanni Boccaccio Wrote the first volume of the encyclopedia
Martain Behaim Sought remedies for the plauge
Francis Bacon Attacked Milan with the support of florence
Babur Akbar the greats son and successor
Awrangzeb Minister that said to have the King simply declare his supremacy over English spiritual affairs
Ashikaga Daimyo Depicts the kings as embracing in their person the whole body of the state and the will of the people they govern
Pope Alexander VI Provided regulations for new science academy and was a French philosopher of science
D'Alembert Married Henry II and it was a union that created the so called English-French empire
Akbar  Married Isabella and formed a very strong in securing their borders
Affonso I Astronomer
Achech married King henry when she was already pregnant and so the Act of Succession was passed
Ferdinand of Aragon Met for over 18 years
Erasmus Wrote to the Portugese monarch about the slaves in the Kongo
Elenor of Aquitaine Leader of the Mughals and reformed government and laws and was known for bringing people together of all faiths and discussing religion
Edict of Nantes Map maker
Diet of Worms Key leader of the Kanuri
Diderot Most powerful Islamic state
Mai Dunama Dibbalemi Recognized religious minority rights within what was to remain an official Catholic country
Bartholomew Dias Prince of Humanists
Rene Descartes Issued a bill that forbade taxation of the clery without prior papal approval
Deism Leader of the Puritan republic party
Dante A term for enlightenment in religion
Oliver Cromwell Imperial diet of Holy Roman Empire that was held in Worms, Germany
Thomas Cramner Helped write the encyclopedia
Council of Trent Pioneered the easter portuguese empire after safely rounding the Cape of Good Hope at the tip of Africa

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