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Elements and Principles of Art

Place correct number of vocabulary term next to its definition.

1Form _____in a composition refers to developing points of interest to pull the viewer's eye to important parts of the body of the work.
2Line _____is a sense of stability in the body of work. It can be created by repeating same shapes and by creating a feeling of equal weight.
3Shape _____refers to the surface quality or "feel" of an object, such as roughness, smoothness, or softness. Actual texture can be felt while simulated textures are implied by the way the artist renders areas of the picture.
4Color _____is an element of art that is three-dimensional and encloses volume. Cubes, spheres and cylinders are examples.
5Texture _____describes the lightness or darkness of a color.
6Space _____is a type of movement in drawing and painting. It is seen in repeating of shapes and colors.
7Value _____Is an element of art with three properties: 1) hue, 2) intensity, and 3) value.
8Emphasis _____refers to the differences in the work, You can achieved by using difference shapes, textures, colors and values in your work
9Balance _____is achieved in a body of work by using similar elements throughout the work, and gives an uncomplicated look to your work.
10Harmony _____is a two dimensional decorative effect achieved through the repetition of colors, lines, shapes, and/or texture.
11Variety _____adds excitement to your work by showing action and directing the viewer’s eye throughout the picture plane.
12Movement _____is an enclosed space defined by other elements of art. Shapes may take on the appearance of two-d or three- objects
13Rhythm  _____refers to the distance or area between, around, above or within things. It can be a description for both 2 and 3 dimensional portrayals.
14Proportion  _____is generating a sense of depth and interest using value, color differences or subject.
15Unity _____is the brightness or dullness of a hue. If you mix red with its complement, green, you dull the red color.
16Intensity _____is an element of art which refers to the continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point. It may be two dimensional, like a pencil mark on a paper or it may be three dimensional (wire) or implied (the edge of a shape or form) often it is an outline, contour or silhouette.
17Contrast _____refers to the relationships of the size of objects in a body of work. Gives a sense of size seen as a relationship of objects such as smallness or largeness.
18Pattern _____is seen in a painting or drawing when all the parts equal a whole. Your work should not appear disjointed or confusing.

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