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Football Study Guide

Angeles Medina

20 facts/rules/

interception named after the legendary NFL coach, the trophy is given every year to the Super Bowl Champions
quarterback  legal catch of a forward catch thrown by a opposing player
interference  the player in the middle of the offensive line, who snaps the ball to the qb
holding  an illegal block; a player takes out/down his opponent from behind
end zone  imaginary line running from sideline to sideline at the point where the ball is snapped. The line from which a play begins.
spike leads the offense; receives the ball after it's snapped & either runs with it or throws the ball
the line of scrimmage the line that marks the start of the end zone
pocket the penalty called when a player impedes an opponent as he attempts to catch a pass.
Vince Lombardi Trophy the side of the offensive line/formation NOT featuring a tight end
weak side   When a player slams the ball into the ground after scoring a touchdown.
goal line  when the ball carrier loses position of the ball(he drops it).
center a 5-yard penalty that occurs when the offense fails to snap the ball into play within the 40-second window allowed from the end of the play prior.
delay of game The 10-yard scoring areas at each end of the field
false start A penalty called when a player on offense begins to move out of his set position before the ball has been snapped into play.
fumble the protected zone around the qb by his blockers as he passes
unnecessary roughness  the penalty called for illegal grabbing or grasping of another player
incomplete pass the penalty called when any player hits/shoves/tackled another player after the play has already been signaled.
clipping the penalty called when any part of a player's body is across the line of scrimmage when the ball's snapped into play
tee a pass that was never caught by a member of offense OR was caught by a member of the defense
offside  small rubber stand used to hold the ball in an upright position off the grounds during kickoffs

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