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Literary Terms

1Abstract _____idea or quality that makes you think beyond literal, bid-boned
2Alliteration _____choice of words
3Anecdote _____a sermon or speech giving spiritual advice
4Antagonist _____opposes the protagonist, bad guy
5Concrete _____placing an event, person, item, verbal expression in wrong historical period; historical inaccurance
6Connotation _____being in accordance with, conforming to or upholding the exact or primary
7Denotation _____a speech or piece of writing at funerals
8Diction _____the act of comparing things, being contradictory; It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
9Etymology _____study of origin and change of meaning of words through time
10Exposition _____language that describes qualities perceived in 5 senses
11Foreshadow _____specific information to more general
12Imagery _____return of word phrase or stanza
13Irony _____The certain feeling or emotion intentionally tried to evoke
14Literal _____deliberate exaggeration; this weighs a ton
15Mood _____existing in thoughts, but not real life
16Onomatopoeia _____way of using humor to show weakness
17Point of view _____repeating vowel sound
18Simile _____repetition in a sentence
19Theme _____1st narrated by personal point of view, 2 "you perspective point of view, 3 limited "he or she" limited to thoughts and feeling of 1 character, 3 omniscient: all seeing all knowing
20Thesis Statement _____logical process in which a conclusion is drawn from a set of premises and contains no more information than given initially. General to specific
21Voice _____The part of the story, where the characters are introduced, background explained and setting decribed
22Allegory _____Characteristic, speech thought patterns of a first person
23Allusion _____Technique that involves surprising, interesting or amusing contradictions or contrasts
24Ambiguity _____extended metaphor, thought patterns of a first person
25Anachronism _____appears at beginning of paper that has brief, concise statement of reasoning
26Analogy _____reference to a literary work, person, place or thing
27Assonance _____short story about interesting or funny event
28Catharsis _____writers attitude towards material and readers
29Cliche _____a question asked as a response, but not actually a reply Ex: Why me, God?
30Colloquial / Colloquialism _____a quotation at the beginning of a poem or other literature
31Consonance _____words or phrases that appeal to the reader's senses
32Deus ex Machine _____systematic or logical connection, easy to understand
33Ellipsis _____exaggerated information to convince people
34Epigraph _____to draw a reasonable conclusion from information presented
35Epitaph _____repetition of initial consonant sounds. Ex: Sally sells sea shells
36Eulogy _____a phrase or opinion that is over used and betrays and lack of original thought
37Euphemism _____a desire to go back to ta place or time: Homesickness, yearning
38Homily _____statement whose meaning is unclear, double meaning or purpose
39Hyperbole _____figure of speech; self-contradiction Ex: cruelly kind, jumbo shirmp
40Inference _____special type of alliteration in which the repeated pattern of consonants is marked by changes in the intervening vowels Ex: bitter batter butter better
41Juxtaposition _____dictioinary definition, meaning of work or phrase
42Litotes _____God out of the machine, unrealistic or unexpected intervention to rescue the protagonist or resolve the conflict at of the story
43Nostalgia _____purging of emotions, release of tension, good or bad
44Oxymoron _____giving inanimate objects animate characteristics
45Inductive _____common thread or storyline, repeated idea that author embeds in reading
46Deductive _____a statement that is self-contradicting but could be the truth: I always tell lies
47Paradox _____mild or indirect wording of a phrase
48Parallelism _____words imitate sounds, woot boom
49Parogy _____practice using an object or word to represent an abstract idea
50Personification _____location and time period of story, background info
51Propaganda _____looking back to the past
52Repetition _____understatement (sarcastic); slaying that dragon was no big deal
53Retrospection _____The act of leaving out words that are not needed
54Rhetorical Question _____comparison between 2 different things, showing how they are similar
55Satire _____imitation of something to deliberately make something funny
56Symbolism _____word or phrase used everyday in plan and relaxed speech, but rarely found in formal writing
57Syntax _____phrase or statement written on a person's tombstone
58Tone _____way in which a sentence is structured
59Coherence _____important hints and author drops to prepare the reader for what is to come or anticipate the outcome
60Setting _____comparison by "like" or "as"

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