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Theatre Review



apron 1. The last words or action of one actor that immediately precede another actor's speech 2. Signal for light changes, curtain etc.
articulation the person in charge of obtaining and organizing all of the props for a play
blocking the underlying message or meaning of a play or other piece of literature
body language a rich, warm vocal tone
cheating out the style, dialect, rhythm, and words of the characters
cold reading telling a story or presenting an idea through bodily movement and expression rather than words
conflict clearly pronouncing words
cross a type or classification of literature
cue anything that gets in the way of an objective
dialouge the idea that a costume does not have to replicate a historical design exactly, but rather give the impression of that design
diaphragm the story of a play from beginning to end
diction a long speech by one character
director the imaginary wall through which the audience views the play
downstage the dramatic opposition of the protagonist with society, with his or her peers, or with him or herself
fourth wall an impromptu scene where the actors make up the dialogue and action
genre playing a bit toward the audience while conversing with others on stage
improvisation an actor's move from one side of the stage to another
inflection variety of vocal pitch
internal traits the muscle below the rib cage
mime an actor who communicates through movements of the body and face, but does not speak: a more formal and disciplined version of pantomime
modified authenticity the director's planned movement for the characters
monologue the stage area farthest away from audience, toward the backstage wall
motivation the end of a plot when the conflict is resolved
objectives the stage floor between the front edge of the stage and the front curtain
obstacle a specific reason for saying or doing something: to show a character's desires through voice and movement
pantomime conversation among characters
pitch goals
plot the characteristics that make up personality, such as family circumstances, environment, occupation, level of education, interests, and so on.
props master using expressions and body movement to communicate rather than words
resolution the area of the stage closest to the audience
resonance when an actor auditions for a role without having read the script
theme the person who interprets a play, casts, blocks, and helps actors develop their characters
upstage 1. The relative highness or lowness of a voice 2. To present a plan or idea in hopes of convincing to invest in or accept it

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