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Voc. Quiz #11 China

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1Porcelain _____Violent action that scares people
2calligraphy _____A desert in the northern part of China
3available _____Some time later or in the future
4methodo _____Easy to get
5literature _____Genghis Khan's grandson who founded the Yuan Dynasty.
6Genghis Khan _____procedure of producing something
7Dynasty _____He founded the Mongol empire and united the Mongols
8Kublai Khan _____Grassland in Mongolia
9Gobi _____to meet unexpectedly
10Mongolia _____Having to do with written works, written material
11Marco Polo _____Chinese fine clay to make ceramic
12Tribe _____Italian traveler who visited Kublai Khan
13Terror _____a line of hereditary rulers of a country
14Steepes _____Group of families joined together by blood
15Eventual _____Country north of China
16Encounter _____Art of beautiful writing

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