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Env Nat Res II

Integrity energy to do a job and the inspiration to encourage others
Courage Grown extensively for Christmas trees
Management Used for its popular nut and for furniture.
Unselfishness It is one of the most destructive pests of pines in the southern United States.
Loyalty number of members required to conduct business
Enthusiasm reliable support for an individual, group or cause
Plan It is an important disease of conifers.
Knowledge awareness, understanding
Tact Also called rosemary pine and yellow pine
Secret ballot using people, resources and processes to reach a goal
Gavel honesty
Quorum symbol of authority
Shortleaf Pine Prefers moist banks and bottom lands
Longleaf Pine written vote
Fraser Fir willing to go forward under difficult conditions
Eastern Cottonwood Causes webs in trees and widespread defoliation of trees
Pecan Typical outfit has a seven foot rod with a spinning reel.
Gypsy Moth think through, determine procedures
Southern Pine Beetle Casts very light imitations of insects or other small lures
Annosus Root Rot saying or doing the right thing without offending
Cord placing the desires and welfare of others above yourself
cat hole “Leave No Trace”
“Pack it in, pack it out” As a seedling, it resembles a clump of grass
Bait casting should be dug at least 200 feet away from water
Spin casting Defined as a stack of wood 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet.
Fly casting Allows casting of large lures for long distances

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