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Ten Commandments

You shall not make for yourself an MOSES
You shall not commit  TEN
You shall not LIE
To bear false witness means to COMMIT
Honor you mother and SUNDAY
Do not take the name of the Lord in HONOR
Honor your_______ and father VAIN
God gave the commandments to STONE
To covet means that you are KILL
Sunday is the  IDOL
Remember theSabbath and keep it ADULTERY
When you respect your parents you show them HOLY
Everyone is your_____, not just the person next door GOD
Moses was on ___when he got the commandments MT. SINAI
You shall not  OLD TESTAMENT
You should go to church every MOTHER
The Ten Commandments were carved in COMMANDMENT
The Ten Commandments are in the  JEALOUS
You shall not______adultery CONFESSION
You shall not ____anything that belongs to your neighbor NEIGHBOR
The Commandments were written by SABBATH
How many Commanments are there? FATHER
A______is a written command or rule STEAL
People go to ___to ask for forgiveness when not following a commandment COVET

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