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American Literature Vocabulary Final


1loathsome _____overwhelmed
2dispute _____worthy of hatred
3sagacious _____empty space
4venerable _____wise
5void _____worthy of respect
6ascertain _____shaky, quivering
7tremulous _____barren, without inhabitants
8wrath _____distorted, ugly
9dirge _____to discover
10hue _____a mark of disgrace
11grotesque _____distant
12inundated _____argument
13stigma _____mock
14aloof _____when the reader knows something the character does not
15inaudible _____color
16desolate _____unable to be heard
17subservient _____impossible to grasp or understand
18disproportionate _____obedient or dutiful
19dauntless _____a conversation between two or more characters
20respite _____sneaky, shifty
21scoff _____extreme anger
22inconceivable _____unequal in size or amount
23devious _____fearless, determined
24dialogue _____sad, mournful song
25dramatic irony _____break, rest

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