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Polarity + Intermolecular Formula

Sylvia + Sara

Study guide for MP2 Assessment

The strongest type of Intermolecular force is the... covalent bond
A dipole has a... a polar and a nonpolar molecule
A nonpolar molecule has... sp3
When drawing arrows to help determine polarity, one must draw arrows to.. "taken apart" or rearranged
Strong intermolecular forces will increase... the atom with higher electronegativity
Weak intermolecular forces will not decrease D-D, D-ID, and ID-ID forces
The strongest type of bond is the... the boiling point
A D-ID bond is one between... H2CS
A hydrogen bond will only occur if the H is bonded to... an electronegative O, N, or F atom
ID-ID bonds can also be referred to as.... London dispersion forces or Van der Waals forces
Before determining the intermolecular forces present in a molecule, one must... between different molecules
A molecule that could have a hybridization of sp2 has net electric charge
Strong intermolecular forces make it difficult for the molecules to be... a polar molecule
Another word for a dipole is... are frequently nonpolar
Intermolecular forces are the forces... the melting point
Intramolecular forces are the forces... the central atom
H2O is a... within a molecule.
H2O has a hybridization of... polar molecule
CCl4 only has... hydrogen bonds present
BH3 is a... determine the polarity
Hydrogen gas is an example of... 3 lone pairs and bonded atoms
An example of a nonpolar molecule is... have a hybridization of sp
HF can have... hydrogen bond
All diatomic molecules are... nonpolar molecule
CH3Cl has... a hybridization of sp
A molecule with D-D, I-D, and ID-ID forces is.... no net electric charge
Trigonal planar molecules... sp
Hydrogen Cyanide has a hybridization of ... nonpolar
Linear molecules... NH4
Hybridization is determined by looking at... dispersion forces

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