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Chapter 3 History Vocabulary

Angel Rodriguez

Mr. Hurtado World History Period 6

monastery A religious theory or belief in which people must study God and the truth.
clergy The ministry of a church. The order of the church.
To banish a person from the church. Pope Gregory VII
Excommunicated Henry IV because Henry did not like and agree to outlawing the privilage of kings or rulers appointing priests, bishops and heads of monasteries. sacrament
Henry IV mendicants
A ritual ceremony done in churches. Was angered because Pope Gregory VII outlawed an importanrt law or privilage and was excommunicated. Later begged for forgiveness and was allow back in the church.
pilgrimage A long journey or trip that is taken in order to reach a holy site or area.
crusades A place where monks live. A synonym is an abbey or cloister.
theology Like a pilgrimage but to TAKE OVER a holy site.
monasticism Live a solitary and communal life by becoming faithful to God.
People that are religious but live in complete poverty and are beggars. excommunicate

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