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Anne Frank Act I


vocabulary review for the first act of our play

audible sleep
appalled to hold carefully
jubilation candle holder with nine candles
overshoes made
loathe hate a lot
settee shoes that protect other shoes
luncheon hearable
pantomime restroom
water closet changeable emotional
sparesly lunch, usually a nice one
rucksack fried potato pancakes
mercurial small couch, loveseat
ration books candle used to light other candles
unabashed relight
meticulous allows you to buy things
unsufferable scattered thinly
carillon set of bells
latkes enthusiasm
whence annoying, unbearable
gingerly very careful, precise
slumber a backpack
ostentatiously shccked by something bad
sustained made holy
Hanukkah not ashamed
menorah where
sanctified to provide for a persons needs
rekindle with extreme joy, very happy
wrought jewish religious celebration
zeal  to communicate without speaking
shamos show, showing off

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