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Business Ethics Game

Lexis & Shai

Helps to study for business management. Duh.

Business Ethics Means treating people fairly and equally
Unethical Used when in different cases, moral rules and legal guidelines do not help
Justice Set of rules for guising the actions of employees or memebers of an organization
Ethical Character Traits To not be ethical; improper
Civil Disobedience Rules about how businesses and their employees ought to behave
Integrity People who do not respect the law. Simple asses the risk of being caught against the benefits they obtain by breaking the law
Scofflaws Groups of rules and regulations that are set forth within a group or business as a guideline as to how you should act in situations and ethical dilemmas
Code of Conduct Open, peaceful, violation of a law to protest its alleged injustice
Code of Ethics A willingness & determination to do what's right
Compassion When the act is non violent or if a written law is in conflict with ethical reasoning
When it's okay to not obey the law Evoking empathy and sympathy for the situation

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