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Reading Vocabulary Word Match

Mr. Smith & Sohee

1apostrophe _____soft paper cover of a book
2capitalize _____the way the words look on paper
3ebook _____a group of sentences with the same theme
4font _____small letters
5hardback _____" "
6letter _____electronic book
7novella _____a group of words with the same theme
8period _____big letters
9publisher _____,
10sentence _____.
11upper case _____26 of these in the alphabet
12author _____hard cardboard cover
13chapter book _____upper case the first letter of the sentence
14epic _____a story you can finish in one sitting
15front cover _____a short novel (100-250 pages)
16illustrations _____'
17lower case _____a short book cut up into chapters (50-100 pages)
18paperback _____comic book
19proofreading _____the person who makes the pictures
20question mark _____a normal sized book (250-350 pages)
21short story _____!
22vocabulary _____special words learnt from a story
23back cover _____when a teacher uses red ink to fix a student's writing
24comma _____the year when a book was made
25exclamation point _____a very long novel (400+ pages)
26graphic novel _____a group of letters that make a thought
27illustrator _____?
28novel _____the back part of a book
29paragraph _____the company that makes a book
30publication date _____pictures inside a book
31quotation marks _____writer
32spine _____the side of a book
33word _____the front part of a book

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