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Brain Death and Related Concepts

Calvin Odhiambo

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Akinetic Mutism Neurological condition in which a person is conscious and able to think but cannot move any part of the body except the eyes, which can be used for communication
Brain Damage A deep state of unconsciousness from which the individual cannot be aroused. Usually associated with injury or dysfunction involving both cerebral hemispheres or the brain stem
Brain Death All cognitive functions, including awareness, are absent, even if eyes are open and sounds and nonpurposive movements are made. Condition is long duration.
Catatonia Severe impairment that can be distinguished from coma or vegetative state by occasional and limited behavioral evidence of awareness
Coma Prolonged non-reversible cessation of all brain activity with complete absence of vuluntary movements, response to stimuli, brain stem reflexes, and spontaneous respirations
Locked-In Syndrome General term that has become of limited usefulness
Minimally Conscious State Sensorimotor pathways are preserved but cannot initiate actions or speak
Permanent Vegetative State Immobility, muscular rigidity, mutism, posturing, grimacing, stupor; sometimes giving way to sudden outburst of violence, panic, or hallucination. Considered ti be a neuropsychiatric disorder
Persistent Vegetative State This is similar to the Persistent Vegetative State. However, the condition has been caused by drugs, extreme cold, or injury with possibility of recovery
Transient Vegetative State Ths condition is known to have been caused by brain damage that might be moderated or reversed

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