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Building Blocks of Anatomy

Shannon Kennedy

Tissues, organs, organ systems

1Tissues _____Tough but not always fibrous. Binds structures together.
2Organ _____Combinations of organs grouped with other structures sharing a common function
3Systems _____Loose, connective, supportive
4Epithelial _____Associations of similar cells that have undergone specialization for some particular purpose
5Connective _____Binding tissue
6Areolar _____Strong but thin protective lining material
7Adipose _____composed of cells connected in a woven fashion
8White Fibrous _____Filters out toxins
9Dense Regular _____Ability to recoil and help material return to its original state
10Dense Irregular _____Fatty tissue
11Yellow Elastic Cartilage _____Encapulates muscles. Contains collagen and fibroblasts.
12Lymphoid _____Compact and spongy
13Cartilage _____supportive yet flexible.
14Blood _____Red and White cells floating in plasma
15Bone _____In walls of body parts with hollow cavities. Causes slow, smooth contractions. Responds to nervous or homonal stimuli involuntarily.
16Smooth muscle _____Contains collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and elastic fibers
17Cardiac _____Somatic. Definitive, repetitive pattern. Contains sarcolema
18Skeletal _____Combinations of tissues adapted for the performance of some specific function

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