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Irish Political Leaders of 20th Century

Billy McSweeney

Match each of the key personalities in Column A with the events and/or organisations listed in Column B.

1Sean Lemass _____Founder of Fianna Fail in 1926
2Sean MacBride _____Taoiseach who declared Ireland a Republic in 1949
3Eamon deValera _____Ulster Unionist leader, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party 1910-1921
4Eoin O'Duffy _____Arrested & hanged for gun-running in 1916
5James Larkin _____Leader of Northern Ireland Civil Rishts Association (NICRA)
6Padraig Pearse _____Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party up until 1918
7Douglas Hyde _____Minister of Supplies & later Taoiseach
8Arthur Griffith _____Founder of the Blueshirts
9Dr. Noel Browne _____1st Prime Minister of Irish Free State 1922-1932
10Michael Collins _____Irish Citizen Army
11Roger Casement _____Creator of the Mother & Child Scheme.
12William T. Cosgrave _____1st Northern Ireland leader to visit the Republic of Ireland
13Edward Carson _____Chief of Intelligence, IRA & Minister for Finance in the 1st Dail
14David Lloyd George _____1st President of Ireland
15John A. Costello _____Founder of the DUP in Northern Ireland
16James Connolly _____1st female president of Ireland
17John Redmond _____1913 Strike & Lock-Out, founder of ITGWU
18Terence O'Neill _____Founder of Sinn Fein in 1905
19John Hume _____Female Commanding Officer of Rebels in 1916
20Ian Paisley _____Fianna Fail leader involved in Arms Trial of 1970
21Charlie Haughey _____Commanding Officer of the Rebels in the GPO, 1916
22Mary Robinson _____Clann na Poblachta
23Countess Markiewicz _____British Prime Minister involved in Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations 1921

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