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Elements of Dance


Elements of Dance Vocabulary

1Space _____ A public presentation.
2Level _____ How large or small movements.
3Direction _____ The use of energy while moving.
4Pathways _____ Actions made by the body.
5Focus _____ Releasing energy in a controlled, restrained manner
6Size _____ Done by a dancer in order to have FUN!
7Place _____ Releasing energy freely.
8Relationships _____ A particular stage, form, or kind of civilization.
9Time _____ The length of time the movement lasts.
10Beat _____ Done by a dancer so that the viewer can appreciate the artistry of the dance.
11Tempo _____ Done by a dancer in order to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion. Perform a ritual such as an initiation of members into a group in some cultures.
12Speed _____ The number of elements of dance.
13Accent _____ How quick or slow (tempo); steady or uneven (beat); and long or short (duration) the movement is.
14Rhythmic Patterns _____ A dance that tells a story using only movement.NO WORDS!
15Duration _____ Where the dancer's eyes look as he/she is dancing.
16Force _____ Strong beats that usually occur at regular intervals.
17FORCE _____ The ongoing underlying pulse.
18Bound _____ The area covered by the dance movements.
19Free _____ Where and/or how the dancers are in relation to each other or an object.
20Movements _____ Where the body moves.
21Locomotor _____ A person who creates dances.
22Nonlocomotor _____ = ENERGY
23Narrative _____ How fast or slow the movements.
24Ceremonial Dance _____ The distance from the floor.
25Recreational Dance _____ Where the dancers are moving.
26Artistic Dance _____ Patterns made by arranging long and short movement or strong and light movement.
27Three _____ Actions of the body that do not cover space. OR Movements that the body can do and still stay in one place.
28Choreographer _____ Patterns that the body makes as it move through space or on the floor.
29Culture _____ The art of human movement.
30Dance _____ Actions of the body that cover space. OR Movements that take the body from one point to another.
31Performance _____ How fast or slow the movements.

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