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German Classroom Vocabulary Quiz

Ms. Nightingale

Matching German classroom vocabulary

1die lehrerin _____The Scissors
2die tafel _____The Book
3die kreide _____The Student
4die studentin _____The Chalk
5das buch _____A Chair
6der rucksack _____The Chalkboard
7der bleistift _____The Flag
8der radiergummi _____A Notebook
9der spitzer _____The Backpack
10der schere _____The Pencil Eraser
11das lineal _____A Clock
12eine fahne _____A Pen
13ein klassenzimmer _____The Pencil Sharpener
14ein stuhl _____The Ruler
15eine uhr _____The Teacher
16ein kuli _____The Pencil
17ein schreibtisch _____What is that?
18ein heft  _____A Classroom
19eine wand _____A Desk
20Was ist das? _____A Wall

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