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Match The Words


Match the correct word or phase to the spanish word or phase.

1Please _____Buenas noches
2Good morning _____Que hora es?
3nice to meet you _____Cuantos anos tiene?
4what time is It? _____mucho gusto
5I _____Donde esta el bano?
6You are welcome _____Yo tengo once anos
7yes _____Buenos dias
8where are you from? _____Yo
9My name is _____De donde eres tu?
10I am good / I am fine or well _____si
11Good afternoon _____Mi llama
12Where is the bathroom? _____Estoy bien
13Goodbye _____Por favor
14Good evening _____De nada
15I do not understand _____Buenas tardes
16What is you name? _____Yo no comprendo
17How are you? _____Quiera ir el banco
18How old are you? _____Adios
19I am 11 years old _____Como se llama usted?
20I want to go the bank _____Como esta usted?

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