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us government test #1

Taylor Lundell

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politics bails, fines, punishments
political system rule by the people
federal system authoritarian, ruled by one
collective dilemma the smallest-size coalition necessary to achieve a goal
collective action problem money that is distributed to lower-level gov. with the purpose of funding special projects
prisoners dilemma sums of money transferred to lower-level gov. as long as the grant is met the lowe
coordination problem enjoying the reward without paying the price of it
unstable coalition government-national and state- is sovereign in its own sphere
bureaucrat rules that determine how people make collective decisions
bureaucracy specific government powers are divided among the different branches of gov.
3 cleavages grants that define how funds are to be spent
electoral college an agency devoted to carrying out tasks for the government consistent with the law
elastic clause the way society organizes and manages its politics
checks and balances final decision/ person or group with control of force over well defined territoy
federalist doesnt adopt the constitution
antifederalist multiple levels of government in which each level has independent authority over some important areas
bill of rights authority that controls the options are decided on by a group
separation of powers public officials are chosen to represent the people in an assembly that makes important policy decisions
commerce clause trial by jury in civil cases
1st amendment better off to cooperate but they both remain silent
2nd amendment powers not granted to the national gov. therefore reserved for states
3rd amendment citizens vote on bills or constitutional amendment that has already been passed by legislature
4th amendment national gov. or the lower level gov. cooperate in funding a project
5th amendment relationship between different levels of gov.
6th amendment the national gov. holds all authority over all areas of policy
7th amendment adopts the constitution
8th amendment no expectation of representing the people, do not give people a say
9th amendment* lower levels of government retain full sovereignty and cannot be compelled by the gov. to act
10 amendment* rule of power
sovereign one party controls the gov. and prevents other parties
confederation powers reserved to states or people
duel federalism local gov. allows them to govern themselves with little or no interference from the state
cooperative federalism better off to coordinate but there are lots of different ways to handle it
intergovernmentalism* government- national and state- are active in nearly all areas of policy and share sovereign authority
intergovernmental relation decisions by the gov that are enforced by the rule of law
grant-in-aids are active in a given policy area
categorical grants* 3 or more people must make a collective decision from a set of alternative
revenue sharing* freedom of religion, speech, and press
block grants first 10 amendments, made for individuals
ballot initiative* making laws that are necessary and proper for the gov.
referendum* power resides in a small segment of society
recall election* they would all be better off if they cooperated but just cause they all do doesnt mean that one can't
home rule reservation fo rights of people
unitary system* vote to impeach gov. official
reserved powers quartering of soldiers
agenda setter conflict between group and individual goals
authoritarianism  regulate commerce with foreign nations
democracy any government employee who isnt part of the ruling power
dictatorship right to bear arms
free riding a provided enjoyment that is limited
institutions* rights of accused persons in criminal proceedings
minimum winning coalition each branch has to check with the other branches before doing anything
monarchy right to public and speedy trial
oligarchy* decisions effect current or future outcome
one-party state 1. strength of national government 2. rep. in the legislature 3. slavery
path dependence unreasonable searches and seizures
private good an election in which citizens vote directly on a proposition raised by a group of fellow citizens
public policies* the process of collective decision making
republic* the electors appointed by each state to vote for the pres.

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