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criminal law


criminal law terms

general intent the physical act in committing the crime
incomplete attempt mental determination to accomplish a certain result
specific intent When you encourage someone else to commit a crime
reckless general descision to committ crime
mens reus if engaged in attempt of crime and close to completion of crime
actus rea committing a criminal offence with or without intent
strict liability offence illegal substances on actual person.
actual possession if u have a crime that requires 2 people who can’t get the job done then it can’t be conspiracy without 3rd person.
constructive possession police arrive before crime is committed.
expos facto the mental intent to commit a crime
strict scruitiny Engaging in risky behavior that is not intended to harm but could harm.
intermediate scruitiny when 2 or more people conspire to commit and act. At least of the conspirators has to commit an act.
physical proximity test Law that effect genders despairingly
conspiracy illegal substances are out of reach but still in possession, shed or car.
solicitation Law that has effect on someone based on race or nationality.
wharton's rule law passed today that makes something u did yesterday illegal.

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