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Chapter 6 word list #3 pages 128-137

1. melanoma _____ thickening of skin caused by excess collagen formation
2. onychopathy _____ whitehead or blackhead
3. pediculosis _____ medication that softens skin for easier scraping
4. scleroderma _____ skin grafts using animal skin
5. plantar wart _____ most dangerous type of skin cancer
6. herpes zoster _____ agent that relieves pain by blocking nerve sensations
7. basal cell carcinoma _____ skin eruption caused by mites
8. allograft _____ NSAID
9. cryosurgery _____ wart on the sole of the foot
10. debridement _____ same as a xenograft
11. cauterize _____ using cold to treat disease
12. antiseptic _____ chronic skin condition with extreme pruritis
13. emollient _____ STD that occurs around the mouth
14. keratolytic _____ also known as shingles that causes blisters along a nerve path
15. herpes simplex 1 _____ using electric sparks to destroy tissue
16. verruca _____ grafting using the patient's own skin
17. squamous cell carcinoma _____ skin condition caused by lice
18. scabies _____ skin graft from another human
19. comedo _____ disease of the nails
20. dermabrasion _____ using sandpaper or wire brushes to remove scars
21. fulguration _____ agent that removes oils from the skin
22. xenograft _____ agents that sooth or soften skin
23. anti-inflammatory _____ kills or slows the growth of microorganisms
24. antihistamine _____ STD that occurs in the genital area
25. astringent _____ skin cancer in the epithelium
26. anesthetic _____ removal of dead tissue; cleaning of a wound
27. autograft _____ flesh-colored growth
28. psoriasis _____ medication that controls allergic reactions
29. herpes simplex 2 _____ using heat to stop bleeding
30. heterograft _____ skin cancer that develops in the epidermis

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