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Classical Mythology 1

Will Beischel

1Actaeon _____ “earth,” sprung from Chaos, consort of Uranus, mother of the Titans
2Aegis _____ son of Zeus and Maia, Greek god of Travel, tricks, commerce, and thievery (Roman Mercury)
3Ananke _____ one eyed smiths who forged Zeus’s thunderbolt
4Anthropomorphic _____ Greek goddess of sexual attraction, related to Inanna/Astarte/Ishtar, equated with Roman Venus
5Aphrodite/Venus _____ daughter of Cronus and Rhea, Greek goddess of the hearth (Roman Vesta)
6Apollo _____ sanctuary of Apollo at foot of Mount Parnassus, where Apollo slew Python
7Arachne _____ son of Zeus and Leto, god of music, medicine, reason, prophecy, and archery
8Ares/Mars _____ Greek Eros, “desire,” spirit of sexual attraction
9Artemis/Diana _____ “spinner,” the fate who spins out a person’s life
10Asclepius _____ daughter of Agenor, brother of Cadmus, seduced by Zeus in the form of a bull, mother to Minos
11Atrahasis _____ son of Apollo and Coronis, Greek god of medicine
12Atropos _____ attribution of human features to nonhumans.
13Autochthonous _____ the graces, imparters of feminine charm. Attendants of Aphrodite, imparters of feminine charm
14Cassandra _____ “gift of all,” or “all-giver,” the first woman who released evils into the world
15Chaos _____ largest Bronze Age settlement in the Argive plain, home of the house of Atreus
16Charites/Gratiae _____ son of Tros, beloved of Zeus, cup-bearer of the gods
17Chronus _____ early script
18Clotho _____ “when on high,” Babylonian poem about the creation
19Cupid _____ time
20Cyclopes _____ “laurel,” nymph loved by Apollo, turned into a laurel tree
21Daphne _____ son of Cronus and Rhea, Greek god of the sea (Roman Poseidon)
22Delphi _____ bronze age inhabitants of Crete
23Demeter/Ceres _____ “darkness,” a region of Tartarus or Tartarus itself
24Deucalion _____ composer of the Iliad and the Odyssey
25Eileithyia _____ the Furies or Eumenides
26Enuma Elish _____ Greek god of war
27Eos/Aurora _____ giving one’s name to something
28Epimetheus _____ “hundredhanders,” monstrous offspring of Uranus and Gaea, fought with Zeus against the Titans
29Eponymous _____ goat skin, a shield with serpent border used by Athena and Zeus
30Erebos _____ “desire,” sprung from Chaos or the child of Ares and Aphrodite (Roman Cupid)
31Erinyes/Furies _____ “she who comes,” goddess of a child-birth
32Eros _____ people during late Neolithic period
33Europa _____ daughter of Cronus and Rhea, mother of Persephone, goddess of the grain harvest, Roman Ceres
34Gaia _____ Greek poet, 8th century. Composer of Works and Days and Theogony
35Ganymede _____ Lydian princess, challenged Athena in weaving, turned to a spider
36Gigantomachy _____ “shining,” son of Helius, struck down from his father’s chariot
37Hades/Pluto _____ daughter of Zeus and Leto, virgin goddess of the wild, equated with the Roman Diana
38Hekatoncheires _____ destiny, necessity, and fate. Beginning of cosmos
39Helius _____ “memory,” consort of Zeus, mother of the Muses
40Hephaistos/Vulcan _____ “increaser,” god of woodland
41Hera/Juno _____ “unseen,” lord of the underworld, son of Cronus and Rhea, husband of Persephone (Roman Pluto)
42Hermaphroditus _____ “unbending,” the fate that cuts the thread of life
43Hermis/Mercury _____ sun god, son of Hyperion, father of Phaethon
44Hesiod _____ son of Prometheus, husband of Pyrrha, survivor of the Flood
45Hestia/Vesta _____ prophetic daughter of Priam and Hecuba, killed by Clytemnestra
46Hieros Gamos _____ “after thinker,” brother of Prometheus, who married Pandora
47Homer _____ the dawn goddess, Roman Aurora
48Hygeia _____ son of Autonoe, torn to bits by his own dogs. Fell victim to the wrath of Artemis and again for a sexual transgression
49Indo-Europeans _____ “portions,” the Fates
50Lachesis _____ Greek god of smiths, son of Zeus (Roman Vulcan)
51Linear B _____ “chasm” the first thing that came into being
52Minoan _____ “health,” daughter of Asclepius
53Mnemosyne _____ “holy marriage,” ritual sexual union to enhance fertility
54Moirai/Fates _____ Ocean, a Titan, husband of Tethys, the river that encircles the earth
55Mycenaean _____ war between the Olympian gods and Giants
56Okeanos _____ daughter of Cronus and Rhea, wife and sister of Zeus (Roman Juno)
57Pan _____ son of Hermes and Aphrodite , became bisexual when united with the nymph Salmacis
58Pandora _____ hero in Akkadian version of the Flood
59Phaethon _____ being sprung from the earth as the Athenians claimed to be
60Poseidon/Neptune _____ “apportioner,” the Fate who measures out the thread of life

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