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Classical Mythology 1.5

Will Beischel

Hygeia  a prohpetess
Indo-Europeans  monstrous offspring of Gaea, overcome by Zeus
Lachesis  “shining,” son of Helius, struck down from his father’s chariot
Linear B  bronze age inhabitants of Crete
Minoan  “shining,” son of Cronus and Rhea, Greek storm god (Roman Jupiter)
Mnemosyne  “soul guide”
Moirai/Fates  largest Bronze Age settlement in the Argive plain, home of the house of Atreus
Mycenaean  son of Cronus and Rhea, Greek god of the sea (Roman Poseidon)
Okeanos  goddess of the moon
Pan  “portions,” the Fates
Pandora  “gift of all,” or “all-giver,” the first woman who released evils into the world
Phaethon  a deformation of Tiamat, a Titan, wife of Oceanus, mother of the Oceanids
Poseidon/Neptune  “memory,” consort of Zeus, mother of the Muses
Prometheus  Cypriote sculptor who fell in love with his own statue who came to life as Galatea, mother of Cinyras
Psychopompos  “increaser,” god of woodland
Pygmalion  wife if Deucalion, daughter of Epimetheus
Pyrrha  “guest friendship,” the conventions that govern relationships between host and guest
Rheia  “forethinker,” a Titan, maker and benefactor of human kind
Selene/Luna  early script
Sibyl  a Titanese wife of Cronus
Tethys  offspring of the Uranus and Gaea
Titanomachy  Ocean, a Titan, husband of Tethys, the river that encircles the earth
Titans  “battle of the Titans” with the Olympians
Typhaeos  “health,” daughter of Asclepius
Uranus  people during late Neolithic period
Xenia  “sky,” one of the first gods, consort of Gaea, castrated by his song Cronus
Zeus/Jupiter  “apportioner,” the Fate who measures out the thread of life

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