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LVMS academic Word of the Day March 2014


identify the author's attitude toward the material and / or the reader
illustrate a form of figurative language that compares two things using like or as
imitate a distinguishing chracteristic or quality
imply to make known
incorporate to fit in with a group or make part of a larger whole
indicate to find the meaning of something
indirect to point to something
infer the effect of something on a person, thing or event
influence to alter something already written
integrate irregular: not occuring at regular intervals
intent to concluce something from reasoning
interact to recognize and name
intermittent to adopt somebody's behavior or appearance
interpret the join something that already exists
investigate not obvious or straightforward
simile to fully explain something or accompany something with pictures
tone a plan or purpose
trait to observe or study
revise to communicate or work together
reveal to suggest

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