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The Hands

Mrs. Jones

Review of Lessons 13 and 14

emancipate participaton with another in an act that is deceitful
manacle a notable deed
mandate an alteration of pitch or tone of the voice
manifest to reveal/to prove
manipulate to turn aside
dexterity to free from restraint or influence
ambidextrous an action or act of retaliation against someone for injuries received
digital to bend the knee in kneeling
deflect giving ones complete attention
genuflect relating to a finger or unit of measure
inflection done secretly
reflection the act of conditon of being thrown back/deep thought
rapacious double dealing
rapt to reprimand reprove or express disapproval
surreptitious to hint
complicity skill in the use of hands or body
duplicity able to use either hand well
explicate to ask humbly
explicit to make clear
exploit a device for confining the hands/anthing that constrains
imply to use a tool or weapon vigorously
ploy to arrest
ply excessively grasping or greedy
supplicate to gain an advantage over an opponent
apprehend a formal order from a higher court
comprise Definite/detailed
entrepreneur to use or handle skillfully
impregnable a person who organizes and assumes the risk for business ventures
reprehend strong enough to resist attact capture
reprisal to contain

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