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Physical Education



Aerobic Endurance The flow f movements needed to perform a motor task efficiently and accurately
Muscular Endurance To put stress on the body in order to adapt and improve performance
Body Composition the programme should be designed to meet individual training goals and needs
Flexibility When training stops the effect are reversed
Speed The ability to react to a stimulus and the initiation of the reaction
Muscular Strength How many training session have happened over a period of time
Agility The ability to move a joint through a complete range of movement
Balance The ability to change direction quickly and precisely without loosing balance
Co ordination Strength x speed
Power Distance divide by time taken
Reaction Time The ability for the cardio respiratiory system to supply nutrients and oxygen to musces during a physical activity
Progressive Overload What type of training sessions were they
Specificity the maximum force that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group
Indivisual difference/needs The relative ratio of fat mass to fat free mass
Adaptation How hard the training sessions have been
Reversibility How long th training sessions have been
Variation The ability to vary training in order to avoid boredom and maintain a enjoyable session
Frequency Training that is specific to an indivisal sport
Intensity The ability to maintain centre of mass over a base of sport
Time The ability to contract muscles over a period of time.
Type how the body reacts to training loads by increasing its ability to cope with those loads

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